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Dieter Werner

Extensive knowledge and understanding in the fields

Regional experience in South & Central America incl. Caribbean. Africa including the Arabic Region, Asia, Europe incl. Russia. Different assignments over several years, with international agencies, as well as private sector companies and NGOs. Extensive knowledge of health care equipment suitable for the use under particular settings in countries with different socio – economic conditions, with special emphasis on bio-medical and electrical equipment. Extensive experience as consultant in: supervision of hospital construction, including, but not limited to elaboration of conceptual design of technical modules, in close co-operation with international development organisations and private industry. Elaboration of planned preventive maintenance concepts based on computerized management programmes. Management experience as project leader and site manager of large scale hospital projects. Scrutinizing the acquisition and tendering process of hospital projects, elaboration of medical equipment specification and respective maintenance contracts for Ministries of Health, as well as to the private sector in South America Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Extensive knowledge and understanding in the fields of:
  • management, planning and administration of Health Care Projects
  • Senior Project Manager, outstanding skills in leading project teams of multinational background
  • feasibility studies and conceptual designs of hospitals, in close co-operation with international development organisations and private industry.
  • development of functional units within healthcare projects
  • evaluation of specification of medical- and general hospital equipment
  • evaluation and selection of manufacturers and suppliers of for supply of medical and technical equipment in health care projects
  • monitoring and evaluation of project activities
  • reporting and documentation of project development, regular project documentation and reporting (interim and final reports, monthly reports)
  • preparation of detailed technical specification for tendering and procurement, based on rules and regulation of the funding-/donor agency
  • compliance check of equipment´s specification related to project´s specified requirements
  • financial monitoring, budget planning
  • designing preventive and corrective maintenance programs for medical equipment
  • employment-oriented skills development for technical staff in the fields of maintenance of medical and technical hospital equipment
  • planning and coordination of user training programs for hospital equipment
  • ensure compliance with project’s objectives in accordance with international standards and in accordance with the contractual obligations and requirements
Time Frame Location Description
2017 / 18 Jamaica Cornwall Regional Hospital Montego Bay / Jamaica
2015 / 17 Peru Ayacucho Regional Hospital
2013 /15 Libreville / Gabon University Hospital in Angondjé / Libreville. Planning and supervision of corrective and preventive maintenance services.
2007 / 12 Celle / Germany Deutsche Management Akademie Niedersachsen
2004 / 07 Germany + Spain Management of Health Projects in Russia Venezuela, Panama, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan
2002 — 04 Switzerland + Russia Planning and Implementation of health care projects. Russia: Children’s Hospital, Moscow: 41 mil. $ US and Volshky Nephrological Centre: 23 mil. Euro
1994 / 02 The Netherlands + Germany Philips: Turnkey Projects in the Russian Federation and Ghana. Projects completed: Cape Coast Regional Hospital, 28 mil. Euro in Russia: Chimki Hospital-Project 70 mil Euro, Reutovo Hospital, 23 mil. Euro, GKG Hospital Rehabilitation 6 mil. Euro and Ekaterinburg Oncology Centre. 24 mil. Euro
1992 / 94 Germany and Nepal Hospital Consultant
1989 / 92 New Delhi / India World Health Organization. Selection of potential suppliers. Elaboration of tender documents, in accordance with UN procurement rules and regulations
1973 — 1992 Various assignments Hospital planning.